Sumpple WiFi Security Camera Review

Sumpple home security camera review

As high quality security cameras are becoming more affordable, it is now realistic for homes and small businesses to add an extra deterrent and level of protection with a recording devices.

In many cases, devices are plug and play, and require minimal installation to get working. This particular Sumpple outdoor home security camera is a great example of how technology and affordability have come together.

Sumpple home security camera review

Let’s find out if this is the right device for your security needs.

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Key Product Features

  • WiFi functionality for video feed.
  • Infrared light source for nighttime recording.
  • IP66 Weatherproofing.
  • Two-way voice/audio recording capability.
  • Compatible with third party ONVIF recording systems.
  • View recordings from anywhere over the internet.

Sumpple security camera review

An Affordable Solution for Basic Needs

There are a number of security camera systems currently on the market, and many of them are presented as multi-camera / DVR box setups. The unit in this Sumpple WiFi security camera review is different.

It doesn’t try to be everything that a surveillance system can possibly be, and instead offers only a few powerful features that would be needed by the average home or small business user.

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The camera doesn’t come with a DVR, and instead records onto an internal MicroSD card. While this might seem like a limitation, it actually offers some flexibility for different use case scenarios.

This is not a camera that is exclusively designed for continuous live surveillance, but instead uses motion detection to track events and record footage for later review. With the wireless connectivity, it can also send alerts to an email address so that you can check potential security threats as soon as they occur.

Ease of Installation

Because there’s no additional DVR required to use the system, it is simple to set up and start using. It comes with a mounting bracket and all the necessary cables to wire in the power for the device.

If required, it can also be connected to a wired Ethernet network, which can provide some additional stability compared to WiFi, especially in built up urban areas where signal quality might be an issue.

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Recording Quality

The Sumpple outdoor home security camera records at 1280x960p, which is a resolution that sits between 720p HD and 1080p Full HD.

For security purposes, this is an ideal resolution that offers good clarity, without taking up excessive amounts of space on a storage device. Because the Sumpple WiFi security camera reviewed records to an internal SD card, the resolution choice makes sense.

Night time recording is essential for any security camera system, and this unit uses an array of infrared light sources that allow the camera to see up to 25 meters in ideal nighttime conditions.

This means that the camera can essentially match its daytime field of vision, which will impress potential buyers.

Sumpple home security camera review

Versatility of the Camera Unit

Once the camera has been bolted onto a wall and connected to a power source, all of the impressive features will become apparent. Even upon visual inspection, buyers will already be impressed.

The camera casing is of high quality, and the camera dome has a nice tint to it, while still revealing the camera inside. Being able to see a functioning camera is a good deterrent against criminal activity on any property.

Sumpple home security camera review

The camera is versatile because it offers pan and tilt functions, so it can cover larger areas than the average stationary camera. IP66 weather proofing means that the camera and the assembly is protected from dust and water, so you will have no trouble with this camera when it is used in harsh weather.

Sumpple home security camera review

Another feature that makes this camera so versatile is the fact that it can be connected to a larger ONVIF recording system, and it can even be connected to a speaker and microphone system to allow for intercom functionality.


  • High quality construction and ease of installation.
  • Ability to expand functionality with third party accessories/systems.
  • Excellent nighttime coverage.
  • Email and app notifications for triggered events.
  • Expandable internal storage.
  • Both Ethernet and WiFi connectivity options.

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  • While a single camera is affordable, expanding the system with more Sumpple outdoor home security cameras would be cost prohibitive.
  • Depending on where the device is installed, an additional conduit or junction box may be required to protect the cables.
  • No external recording device included.

Final Thoughts

Sumpple home security camera reviewIt is clear from this Sumpple WiFi security camera review that this is an ideal device for homes and businesses that need a single camera for their security setup.

Although it doesn’t include a DVR, the software and on-board storage makes it easy to review footage and backup anything that is needed for further investigation.

Efficient email and smartphone app notifications mean that it is possible to respond quickly to incidents, and the overall construction quality will be appreciated by owners.

Although price starts to ramp up when considering multiple units, that’s not really the scenario that this device is aimed at. With pan and tilt functions it can cover moderately sized entryways and points of interest, and as a single unit it would be hard to find a better alternative.

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