FREDI Wireless Outdoor Camera System Review

Are you looking for a wireless camera system to protect your home and family? A quick look at what’s available will soon have you at your wits end as you struggle to make sense of the different brands and options on the market.

Sometimes all you need is a simple solution, but one that can provide quality results. The FREDI wireless security camera makes an interesting proposition, with good features and a price point that sits competitively in the market. Let’s take a look at what this system has to offer, and whether it’s a good choice for your home.

Key FREDI Wireless Security Camera Features

  • · Four individual security cameras.
  • · Wireless base station.
  • · HD Recording
  • · App support for remote monitoring.
  • · Motion detection.
  • · Low light capabilities.

A Wireless System? Almost…

There are many security camera systems that are marketed as wireless, although you do need to take a look at the fine print to see if you really will be going ‘wire free’ with any such system.

In the case of the FREDI wireless outdoor camera system, the video feed is wireless, however the cameras themselves need to be powered to function.

This can be confusing for some consumers, so it’s something that needs to be fully understood before purchasing a system like this.

It means that you need to take power adapters and cable routing into consideration, especially if you will be mounting any of the cameras in a sheltered outdoor area.

With that being said, this system still represents excellent value. If it were to be a fully wireless system, with battery powered cameras, you could expect to pay at least four times as much for a four camera setup, and not every user wants to have to replace batteries in their wireless cameras.

Even though each camera does need a power supply, the fact that you won’t need to route video feed cables all the way back to the network video recorder.

Quality of Recording

This is definitely an entry level unit, but there aren’t many compromises to be made when it comes to video quality.

The cameras capture at standard HD (720P), and the footage is then upscaled to 1080P on the network video recorder.

Although the footage is not top of the industry, it is clear enough and of high enough resolution to provide valuable security footage for your home or small business.

It is important to note that even though footage is initially captured at 720P, the image sensor is a 1/3 Inch 1.0 Megapixel CMOS sensor. This means that the camera will have difficulty providing positive facial identification of distant subjects.

Using the Network Video Recorder

The NVR is definitely one of the highlights of this package. It records onto a standard 2.5” laptop hard drive (not included in the package), and can also stream the footage to devices on the network, or even your smartphone or laptop when you are away from home.

The free app allows you to view multiple streams, and the NVR can also output directly to a monitor or television using an HDMI cable. There’s an included mouse to navigate the NVR, making it extremely easy to operate.

Because this system allows for live monitoring of the feeds, it could be useful in a commercial situation for monitoring a retail space, or even for checking on employees. Parents could even make use of this camera to check on kids at home.

The NVR has some other great tricks and features, such as backing up to a USB flash drive, a USB DVD writer, or even network storage. Email alerts can also be configured to alert you when the motion detection system is triggered. This allows you to check on any incidents that might be occurring at your property.


  • · Infrared light source for low light visibility.
  • · Excellent NVR unit.
  • · Email notifications and motion detection.
  • · Easy setup and installation, fewer wires to route.
  • · Expandable storage on the NVR.
  • · Extensive options for backing up footage.


  • · No certification for weatherproofing. If used outdoors, the cameras should be fully sheltered from the elements.
  • · Wireless video only. Cameras still require a power supply.
  • · No hard drive included.

Final Thoughts

The FREDI wireless outdoor camera system is a quality solution that comes in at a good price. Although it is not a premium device and it lacks full wireless capability, it will still be adequate for most families and small business users.

One major problem to consider would be the lower image sensor size, so for positive identification in commercial situations, a larger sensor/higher quality camera setup may be required.