Zosi Security Camera System Review

If you’re looking for an affordable multi-camera system that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, then the Zosi outdoor home security camera package needs to considered.


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Offering four cameras, a digital video recorder included with the unit, and smart features like remote monitoring, this could be exactly what you need for CCTV security on a budget.

ZOSI 8CH 720P security camera

Key Product Features

  • Included Digital Video Recorder (DVR) with 1TB hard drive.
  • Up to one month (30 days) of continuous recording.
  • Allows connection to the internet for CCTV streaming to a cell phone or computer.
  • Four cameras included.
  • IR for nighttime surveillance.
  • IP66 certification for weatherproofing.
  • Two-year warranty.

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What are You Looking for in a Security Camera System?

Most home and small business users have similar needs and demands of a CCTV system. Clear picture quality, easy installation, a powerful interface for viewing and recording, and plenty of storage for saving footage – these are all the basic requirements of a camera system, and the Zosi outdoor home security camera package can meet all of these, and has some extras to go on top!

ZOSI 8CH 720P home security camera

There are many packages marketed for indoor/outdoor use, but without a proper weatherproofing certification, it can be hard to trust the manufacturer claims.

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With this package, the camera units have been rated IP66, which means that they will repel dust and water, even in the harshest conditions. Although the cameras can’t be submerged, they are otherwise waterproof, and that is a huge advantage for owners.

ZOSI 8CH 720P home security camera review

Actually mounting the cameras is something else that should be considered when choosing the right package, and thankfully Zosi has made this easy with some sturdy brackets that can easily be bolted or screwed into any surface.

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The cameras are light enough that they could be mounted to ply or solid wood with the appropriate self-tapping screws. Zosi offers an online video link with installation examples, which makes it even easier to get up and running with this package.

ZOSI 8CH 720P home security camera


All four cameras connect to a DVR unit that supports hard disk recording. The package comes with a 1TB disk already installed, which provides enough space for 30 days of continuous recording.

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Those recordings can be viewed on an external monitor connected to the DVR, or they could even be streamed to a cell phone or computer, either on an internal network, or a remote device that is connected to the internet. This means you could monitor your home or business, no matter where you are.

ZOSI 8CH 720P security camera

Of course, the true test of this Zosi security camera system is in the quality of the video, and you will be pleased to learn that each camera in the package can record at 720P HD, and have night vision capabilities of up to 100ft. Because the footage is recorded digitally, there is no quality loss when saving video for later review or investigation.


  • The Zosi outdoor home security camera is competitively priced (Sub – £150 at some resellers).
  • The DVR supports 8 camera channels, allowing for future expansion.
  • IP66 waterproofing at this price point is a significant advantage over some more expensive competitors.
  • Easy to install with good documentation and support from Zosi.
  • Lifetime tech support.
  • Hard drive comes included.
  • Good support for remote streaming via the internet.

ZOSI 8CH 720P home security camera reviews



  • No wireless functionality for cameras or network connectivity.
  • Oldest footage is wiped automatically when the hard drive is full.
  • Some owners have reported that BNC connector cables have been supplied with excess metal that needs to be removed before connecting the cables.

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Final Thoughts

The Zosi security camera system, undoubtedly, one of the most affordable four camera systems currently on the market. It provides features that compete with more expensive systems, and the quality of video recording will satisfy even some of the most demanding users.

ZOSI 8CH 720P security camera

At the end of the day, you get exactly what you pay for in this package, with some additional bonuses on top.

If you need a reliable multi camera system with a quality DVR and integrated hard drive, then there aren’t many options that can beat this in its price range.

Industry standard features like motion detection, IR assisted nighttime recording, and remote streaming of CCTV feeds and stored footage, all help to make the Zosi security camera system a compelling buy for both homeowners and small business owners, alike.

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