Zmodo Security Camera Review

Any time you look for home and small business security camera systems online, you will be net with a plethora of options, some of which are great options, and some which fall well below what you would expect in 2016.

Unfortunately, looking at the marketing and the features doesn’t tell the whole story, and sometimes you need some information that is a little bit more in-depth and forthcoming with the pros and cons of any particular package.

In this Zmodo security camera review we’re going to take a look at one of the many all-in-one security camera packages that is available.

This particular option offers more cameras than the average package, and also has some features that aid usability and overall functionality. Let’s find out if the Zmodo surveillance camera system is for you.

Key Features

  • 8x 720P cameras in a single package.
  • Included top brand hard drive for recording footage.
  • Network streaming for remote monitoring.
  • Plug and play setup.
  • IP66 rated cameras for weatherproofing.
  • Included DVR unit for capturing footage.

What Makes the Zmodo Surveillance Camera System Special?

Today, wireless camera systems are becoming increasingly available, however, they’re not yet at the point where they could be considered affordable for all users.

Even when wireless systems do compete in price, there are compromises to be made when it comes to the number of cameras included in the package, and you also need to consider whether battery powered devices will work in your situation.

The Zmodo surveillance camera system isn’t wireless, but it does feature some good design choices that help to mitigate that disadvantage. One of these is the fact that all of the cameras can be connected using a single cable.

While some camera systems use a separate cable for video and power, Zmodo does it in one. This is important not just for making connectivity simple, but it also eliminates problems that could occur from routing multiple cables throughout your home.

Using a wired system helps to keep costs down, which means that you can use more cameras for what is still a reasonable retail price. This particular package includes eight cameras, and they all record in 720P and have night vision capabilities.

Some extremely low end systems use a combination of high and standard definition cameras, so in this Zmodo security camera review it was a pleasant surprise to find that every camera is of equal capability.

The DVR and software used for this camera are both big talking points. The DVR can record multiple streams at a time, and it can be controlled from an include remote when viewing through an external monitor.

Advanced features like motion detection can mean that recording only begins when movement is detected, which helps to cut down on hard drive usage. Even so, the included Western Digital 2TB hard drive will provide plenty of space for either security footage, or captured moments from your home.

While security is the main selling point for a device like this, many users will also use these devices to record family events like birthday’s and other celebrations. Having those memories in crisp 720P is something that won’t be achieved with older standard definition surveillance systems.

Installation Ease

Having a single Ethernet cable per camera makes installation easy, without professional help, and the mounting brackets are also easy to use.

They simply need to be screwed or bolted into a sturdy surface like an exterior wall, beam, or roof area, and the camera can then be adjusted to be facing the perfect angle.

The only real work necessary will be drilling holes for any cameras that will be mounted outdoors. There are four 25 meter cables and four 15 meter cables included in the package.

Software for Remote Monitoring

Wireless camera solutions often advertise their ability to stream the camera feeds remotely, which might lead you to believe that wired systems can’t do the same.

This would be untrue, and this Zmodo surveillance camera system is a great example. High quality software allows for a true HD feed to be sent to remote device, so you can check your feeds and receive motion notifications when you are away from home.

The software is intuitive and easy to use, and many of the actual consumer reviews for this product have noted the remote monitoring as one of the highlight features.


  • 8 cameras allow for wide coverage in large homes or small business locations.
  • A combination of cable lengths for installation makes it easy to install indoor and outdoor cameras.
  • The DVR unit is of high quality, and the inclusion of a large capacity drive is a big advantage.
  • The remote monitoring software is better than the generic software that some competing systems use.


  • Some users may not be aware of the high bandwidth requirements of streaming recorded video. Even on a fast broadband connection, this unit will use most of the internet resources when video is being streamed.
  • The remote access software requires activeX, so won’t work in a Linux or MacOS browser. (Doesn’t affect smartphone apps).
  • No HDMI for external monitor (uses VGA only).
  • No cloud backup functionality for video footage.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this Zmodo security camera review package offers significant value for money, especially considering the excellent software, high definition cameras, and the fact that there are eight cameras included in the package.

Like almost any product, it is not perfect, and there are small compromises to be made to achieve the lower price. For users who are happy with a wired system and who need wide coverage in their home or business, this represents one of the best options currently available.