Sannce Security Camera Review

Protecting your home or your business is essential, and to do that, you will need professional grade security camera equipment.

With the increasing availability of advanced technology, and the drop in cost for even high quality solutions, it is now possible to install a high end digital HD camera system on your premises.

With all-in-one kits you will be able to protect yourself without the need for a professional installer, and this Sannce 8-Channel security camera system is one of the most affordable options available at this time.

Let’s find out if this is the right solution for you.

Key Features

This Sannce CCTV camera system comes with all of the basic hardware and accessories to install a multi-camera system on your premises.

  • 4 Cameras with night vision capability.
  • HD recording capabilities with a custom Sannce digital video recorder.
  • Network connectivity to access your CCTV feed from any internet connection.
  • CE certification with lifetime tech support from Sannce.
  • Smart recording options to maximize storage and reduce energy consumption.

A Quality Sannce CCTV Camera System with Few Compromises

There are numerous home and small business security camera systems available on the market today, and it would be an understatement to say that not every option is worth your time or money.

Because the package in this Sannce security camera review is relatively affordable when compared to some competing systems, you may have some questions about compromises that it might make.

The system is relatively easy to understand and install, and it comes with almost everything that you need to get started. Cables, the cameras themselves, mounting brackets, and the DVR are all included in the box.

Unfortunately, some models of the Sannce CCTV camera system don’t include a hard drive for the DVR, which means you’ll need to make an additional investment to be able to record your footage.

Hard drives are highly affordable and the recent trend for mechanical drives is that they are falling in price. In some ways, it’s almost an advantage to not have a drive included, because instead of paying for the cost of the unit at the time of manufacturing, you can purchase your own hard drive and take advantage of current prices.

There is a slot for a SATA hard drive, and you can use a drive up to 4 Terabyte, which will allow you plenty of video storage. The unit uses H.264 video compression which saves space without any significant reduction in quality.

The cables for the cameras all measure at 60ft, so you will have plenty of flexibility to mount the cameras around your home or place of business. There’s also an included USB mouse for the DVR, a remote control included in the package.

All cameras are weatherproofed and made from sturdy plastic, so they can be mounted outside without risk of malfunction.

Smart Features Improve the Overall Package

If the features stopped at this point, you would still be looking at a fairly positive Sannce security camera review. However, this device has a few more tricks that can benefit the modern household or small business.

In addition to recording onto the unit and being able to view footage on an external monitor, you can also access your feeds from a remote location.

The DVR has Ethernet ports for connecting to your home network, and once you set up secure access you will be able to check on your premises from anywhere that has a reliable broadband internet connection.

The cameras can be configured to only record when motion is detected, which will reduce energy consumption and limit the amount of hard drive space that you use.

The sensitivity of the motion detector feature can be adjusted, which is helpful if your experience problems with the DVR being triggered by cats or other animals.


  • Easy Plug & Play installation.
  • Large potential hard drive capacity.
  • Weatherproofed design.
  • Four cameras in a single kit.
  • Network connectivity with remote monitoring.
  • Ability to record only after motion detected.


  • Lack of hard drive in some kits may be unwelcomed by some users.
  • Although the video is high definition, subjects should be within 3 meters for accurate identification.
  • Connected to network through Ethernet with no Wi-Fi support.
  • Cameras are wired.

Final Thoughts

An all wired system will be appreciated by users who don’t wish to deal with batteries in the camera modules, however it could be considered a negative for users who want to go wireless.

Despite some limitations such as no Wi-Fi network connectivity, the overall benefits and price point of this Sannce CCTV camera make it a compelling choice for anyone who needs a high quality video security system on a tight budget.