Arlo Smart Home Review

The security of your home will always be one of your major concerns. In the past, locks, alarms, and security lights all seemed like they were enough.

Today, with the reduction in cost of advanced technology, it is possible to completely modernize your home security system. One of the most popular options for homeowners, is the addition of a security camera system.

Modern systems are more than just security cameras, as they can connect to the internet for live monitoring of your property, and they can save footage to the cloud.

For your own home, one solution that you might consider is the Arlo wireless security camera system by Netgear. Let’s take a look at what it offers, and how it stacks up in this Arlo smart home review.

Device Features

The Arlo system offers a number of key features that will appeal to homeowners.

  • Three HD 720p wireless security cameras.
  • Motion detection with smartphone or email notifications.
  • Infrared light source for night vision surveillance.
  • Weatherproof design allows interior or exterior camera placement.
  • Free cloud storage of recorded video.
  • iOS or Android compatibility for companion app.

A Smart Wireless Camera System for Your Home

With a wireless camera that records digitally and uploads footage to the cloud, a smarter recording solution is necessary.

The Arlo wireless security camera system tackles this problem by incorporating a motion detection system, so that the cameras only record under specific conditions.

Not only does this reduce the storage that is necessary, but it also helps to prolong the battery life in the wireless cameras.

The fact that the cameras are completely wireless is one of the most impressive features of the system. Compact size and lightweight means that they can easily be mounted around your property, or near entry points inside your home.

For outdoor use, the camera shells have been fully weatherproofed, so you won’t have problems with moisture damaging the cameras. Motion detection works best within 20 feet of the camera’s line of sight, and Netgear advises that the cameras be placed 7ft above ground level, with a downward tilt for best performance.

Smartphone and Email Notifications

Because the camera system can connect to your home network and to the internet, you can review your security footage from any location where you have an internet connection.

With the Android and iOS apps, you can even receive live push notifications when motion has been detected. This means that you can turn on notifications when you’re away from home, so you’ll always be aware of what’s going on at your property.

Live streaming can be used not just for security purposes, but also to monitor pets or even your children when you are away from the house.

Although the unit in the Arlo smart home review comes packaged with three cameras, the system can support up to five when you purchase the others as optional accessories. For streaming, it is possible to view four feeds simultaneously.

Up to 1GB or high definition footage can be stored on a cloud server, allowing you to archive illegal activities or incidents that need to be reported to the police.

Because the data is stored on remote servers, you won’t need to worry about losing the footage or having it physically stolen from your property.

Ease of Use

With such impressive features and functionality, it is important that a system like the Arlo is easy to use. Thankfully, Netgear has plenty of experience in providing consumer technology, and the instructions and management software are both intuitive and powerful.

Mounting brackets for the cameras are magnetic, which makes installation quick and simple. The battery life of the cameras is also impressive.

For cameras that are well positioned and configured for motion detection, the battery life could be up to six months for the average user. Even on cameras that are frequently being streamed or triggered, battery life of two months is possible.


  • Good video quality with night vision capabilities.
  • Easy installation.
  • Long battery life when used for infrequent streaming.
  • Weatherproofing for outdoor use.
  • Free cloud storage and internet streaming when you’re away from home.


  • Motion detection doesn’t work through glass.
  • Battery life is not suitable for regular streaming (e.g. as a baby monitor).
  • Ease of installation means that cameras can easily be removed. Outdoor installations may require additional (third party) security brackets.

Overall, the Arlo smart home reviewed here is a capable system, and it makes it easy to increase your security and monitor your home.

The cons should be expected for a system within this class, and when the Arlo wireless security camera system is used for its intended purpose, it will perform brilliantly for most users.