Annke CCTV Review – An All-In-One 4 Camera Security System

annke home security camera system

Securing your home with a CCTV system has become relatively affordable in recent years. With the increasing prevalence of HD recording technology, and the overall reduction in cost, it is now possible to buy a complete system for the same price as what you might have paid for a single camera just ten years ago. This Annke CCTV review will look at a high quality multi-camera system with digital recording, to help you find out if it’s the right system for you.

Key Features of the Annke CCTV Bullet Camera System

  • 4 cameras for wide coverage.
  • View in-home on a network connection.
  • Ability to record based on motion detection.
  • 1TB hard drive and digital video recorder (DVR).
  • Wired design.
  • External USB backup and TV/Monitor output.
  • IP66 Weatherproofing.

Exploring the Annke CCTV

A modern CCTV camera system should not just be efficient at what it does, but it should also be easy to use.

The advantage of purchasing a kit like the one in this Annke CCTV Review is that everything you need to get going is included in the box.

From the instruction manual, to the cameras and cables, and even the DVR and hard drive, it’s all included for your convenience.

Annke uses a fairly straightforward plug and play design system, and if you’re familiar with hooking up a stereo or television set, then you won’t have trouble with the devices included in the Annke CCTV bullet camera system.

Cables are color coded and are all 60ft in length. This allows you to easily achieve coverage throughout your home or exterior spaces. If you need extra length, Annke also offers a set of 100ft cables as an additional purchase.

Some units in this price range include almost everything you need, but omit the hard drive. Annke has done well here to include a 1TB drive, without having a steep increase in price when compared to similar packages.

The DVR itself can support up to 8 video channels, which means that it is possible to expand this system with additional cameras.

Cameras are easy to mount, and the mounting plates will only require screwing into a wall or other supportive structure inside or outside of your home.

IP66 weatherproofing means that the cameras are dust and water resistant, so there should be no problems when the cameras are used in harsh conditions.

One potential problem for owners is that the power cable has a fairly large connector on one end, so routing the cables to an exterior location will require drilling.

For users that aren’t comfortable with the work, it would require hiring a contractor for the installation, which would ramp up the overall cost.

Monitoring and reviewing the feed is possible through the HDMI or VGA connection on a TV or monitor, or you could view on a networked computer using the Ethernet ports on the DVR. With an external network connection, you will also be able to access your feed from remote devices.

The available app can send notifications when the motion detection feature is in use. This can allow you to quickly investigate and respond to any event that has triggered the security system.

The remote monitoring app is a generic app known as Xmeye, which is available on both the iOS and Android mobile platforms. Unfortunately, video streams are not encrypted, however this should not be a problem when access credentials are kept private.


  • Easy setup with color coded connectors and plug & play design.
  • Included mouse and remote control for operating the DVT.
  • 1TB hard drive in the package.
  • USB support for backing up video to a flash drive.
  • HDMI and VGA connection makes it simple to connect to an external monitor.
  • Local and remote network monitoring using Ethernet and home internet connection.
  • Simultaneous recording of all video channels.


  • No audio recording.
  • Large cable ends can increase difficulty of cable routing for outside installations.
  • Uses generic monitoring software that is not developed by the manufacturer (for remote monitoring).
  • Remote monitoring is not encrypted.
  • Feed from the cameras is analogue, so picture quality is not comparable to digital systems.

Final Thoughts

Despite some problems in the design of the cable ends, and some other issues like unencrypted network feed and analogue picture signal, the Annke CCTV bullet camera system is still good value.

While it won’t compete with the latest digital systems, it does provide good picture quality for the price, and incorporates some nice features like motion triggered recording, night vision, and high quality weather proofing.

Overall it’s a great camera system for homes and smaller businesses, and the ability to expand the unit by up to four additional cameras means it is ready for future upgrades.